Cairo-Detroit based label, residency and record store, HIZZ Collective, has made their mark on the Cairo arts and music scene in the past year with their raw, DIY approach to releasing local underground music, from harsh noise to chaabi to hip hop. Additionally, they have been hosting artist residencies at the HIZZ House and throwing events in unconventional and imaginative venues.

To celebrate the momentum they gained in 2018, HIZZ has just released a compilation featuring many of the artists the collective has been working with: ONSY, ABOsahar, Bashar Suleiman, DG Hadi, Youssef Abouzeid, KZLK, and INSIN. KOMBILE 001 is an accurate sonic representation of the aesthetic they have curated, with a reflective overtone for looking back on a year that just joined the annals of history. 
The fact that this album is labeled #001 hints that among other HIZZ shenanigans, we will have future KOMBILE's to look forward to in 2019 - possibly the only predictable thing they will do.

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