Shunus is very much a man in form these days, with his embrace of 'natural elements and modern sounds' carving out a unique space for the Brit in an increasingly eclectic Cairo music scene. 

That reputation will certainly be done no harm in the wake of his latest release, Reshape. Released on Miami-based label, WAYU, the four track EP features remixes of the title track courtesy of Egyptian/Canadian producer, Adam Husa, and the Vienna/Budapest-based, Yöurr - thought its Shunus’ own work that shines brightest.

Kicking off with the title track which features vocalist, Jayda, Shunus wastes no time switching into high gear via thumping drums, heavily-affected guitar chops and an infectiously wonky lead synthesiser riff straight out of mid-2000s French electro.

Things take a more mellow turn with the EP’s second track, ‘Sila and Jinn’, which draws primary inspiration from the world of minimal techno/micro-house through intricately arranged percussion hits, groove-infused sub bass hits and reserved melodic elements that drive the track’s energetic flow forwards in what’s certainly our highlight from the project.

Both of the remixes featured on Reshape bring their own unique spins to the EP’s title track, with Adam Husa’s corresponding remix for ‘Reshape’ dialing things back, taking a more spacey, psychedelic approach to the original beat, while Yöurr drives the tempo up, bringing in saturated synthesizer chords and upping the melodic focus.

The EP comes hot on the heels of Shunus’ upcoming synthwave project, Wolf Fang Midi, alongside Egyptian ambient/trip-hop experimentalist, J!n - a project that will certainly see Shunus showcase a different side to his musicality. Stay tuned.

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