1127 is one of the many aliases of Cairo electronic producer Amr El-Alamy. Last year as 1127, he played Boiler Room in Cairo with $$$TAG$$$. Now, he has just released a two-track EP, Counter Unfold

The first track, 'RIZEN33', consists of fizzing, rumbling electronic frequencies. It sounds like hissing inside a stream of electricity through a wire. It builds gradually in intensity, integrating what sounds like a laser beam passing through a sheet of steel, however it stays more subdued than the second track.  
'RIZEN20' is a violent assault on the senses, with echoing screams, bullet-like stabs, and pounding, a-rhythmic beats. The frenzied buzzing of electricity lies underneath. 

Counter Unfold is diabolical; well-crafted voltaic, insect-like landscapes. The tracks are not long, but in their brevity, there is a pertinence, a concise gravity. More is not needed - the effect is drastic, and dynamic; the beauty of Counter Unfold lies in the vehemence of the storm.  
The EP is out on Cairo/London based ANBA, which, like many underground entities in the electronic scene, exists beyond a single purpose - or as they would say themselves, as "a sonic platform exploring the fringes of sound and art within contemporary music." The mastering was done by M.E.S.H., and the impressive artwork is by Mostafa El Baroody. 

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