Back in October, we chatted to the Moroccan born-and bread, New York-based experimental-electronic artist and activist, Selwa Abd. Upon developing a deep association with the interpretative text of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze titled "Bergsonism", Selwa devised her Bergsonist moniker, making her today's artistic rendition of some of Deleuze's psychoanalytic fundamentals, namely, intuition.Bergsonist's ظ is the latest in a series of self-releases each titled a letter of the Arabic alphabet. The five-track EP commences with "المغرب", which features glitch and celestial-ism over a running folkloric melody - the EP's only constant variable. Far removed from the theme of the album's inaugurating track, it's second - "مغني" - is a low, slow-mo edit of Usher's infamous "You Makes Me Wanna" partnered with a racing tabla. Following, is a classic house track also overlaid with a fast-paced tabla. Eeriness follows in track four, titled "If You Know BR Is Shit, Why Do You Play It." And finally, the album takes one last sharp turn with its closing track "Only Trusting Music Publications with Musicians As Writers" which sounds even more suspect than it means. In all, Bergsonist's haphazard ظ is an attestation to her reliance on intuition.  

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