Made up of Vishnu Salvacion Pillai and Ryan Rodrique James, the Bahrain-born-and-raised duo, The July Project, say that they want to tell stories with their music; that they want to take listeners on a journey through any and all emotion. With their debut single, ‘Waves’, the duo certainly take us on a trip. What kind of trip it is, however, very much depends on the listener’s state of mind.

Fusing orchestral arrangements (they cite the legendary film scorer, Hans Zimmer, as an inspiration) with an ambient soundscape, the single floats and swathes, through its short running time, reading as melancholic, stoically hopeful and dreamy at the same time.

Transportive as it is, track leaves you wanting more, however. A longer running time, maybe, or a fuller commitment to the ambient glides of the track that give it this kind of bright ethereality, that plays off the sounds of nature. Either way, what comes next for the duo will be interesting to see and a deeper dive into the experimental wouldn’t go amiss.

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