Alexandrian-born-and-bred Belal Ali aka fuzzylittlebrain has dropped his first, eponymous LP. The six-track release is the outcome of several years of sonic discovery, in which the artist fronted the indie group Portrait Avenue and electronic trio Finrod to explore alternative musical codes. Over the last year, fuzzylittlebrain has worked with Hizz record label to draw together and sieve through his musical amalgamations, ending up with a sagacious body of work.Kicking off the LP is the shaky track "Don't Die" which features Belal's quivering vocals spliced with dramatic earthquake pangs in its final minute, hinting at what is to come. The chaos is brought together in "A Swarm, A Mess" which comprises a musical melange of '80s synth pop, punk-rock harmonics and quelled, introspective vocals - "Why did I keep it locked inside, Why did I do this" - before plunging into tunnel-like oblivion. Wrapping up the album is "Airport Please," a grand finale comprising fuzzylittlebrain's high-pitched, pleading vocals demanding an escape from the mess. 

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