After his collaborative project '2000 GEN' with masked rapper Turk, Ziad Zaza makes a return with a fresh track titled 'PAGHIZ', delving deeper into the noisier rap sounds and veering away from conventional rap structures, pushing his sound further into the realm of rage. 

The synth-driven beat, produced by Medhvt, incorporates strong elements of cloud rap and industrial sonic aesthetics, featuring robust 808 bass notes and overdriven synth melodies. Zaza's rapping on the track is barely discernible; instead, he delivers one-liners with various vocal inflections, often submerged in effects. It seems that Zaza is increasingly embracing the rage style, a genre popularized by Playboi Carti, with Zaza drawing significant influence from the enigmatic rapper while infusing his own authenticity into the mix.