Jordanian artists Zaid Khaled and Idreesi reunite in ‘KNYMAKN, collaborating on the song and music video direction. Produced by Egypt’s Ahmed Refaat, aka Riff, the single sees Khaled step further into his storytelling vision, chanting ‘Kan Ya Makan’ - once upon a time - throughout the chorus and taking listeners through a journey of remembrance and romantic longing.

With Riff’s catchy electric beats seamlessly blending into the  tempo of the visual, Khaled and Idreesi hop around Cairo, staring right into the camera for most of the video, channelling their signature romantic angst throughout the song. 'KNYMAKN’s' Arab retro-infused pop, which Khaled is known for, sees the artist explore a more heartfelt sonic direction, with a personal narrative at the core of his romantic ballads.

As friends and frequent collaborators, Zaid Khaled and Idreesi previously collaborated on the hit song ‘Ala Nar’ and ‘Manga’. The whimsical music video is co-directed by Khaled and Idreesi, produced by Hadi Ammar Birajakli and filmed by Liza Kalinina.