The team at SceneNoise has collaborated with XP Music Futures to curate a playlist of some of the best releases across all genres in the MENA region this April. The playlist features tracks by some of the region's most prominent stars, including Elyanna, Emel Mathlouthi and Talia Lahoud.

The playlist starts with the latest collaboration between two iconic figures in the Sudanese rap scene: Soulja and Dafencii. Their track, ‘Counter Attack’ - released for the ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ sequel on MDLBeast Records - features production credits from Ismail Nosrat and Karim Osman. The track establishes a hard-hitting beat, allowing Soulja and Dafencii to trade their dynamic energy on their verses.

Then we’ve got the intro track from Emel Mathlouthi's latest full-length LP, ‘MRA’. Titled ‘Massive Will’, the track starts with thrilling African rhythms, setting the tone before morphing into a predominantly electronic soundscape. Distant shouts and metallic guitar riffs towards the end add a surprising layer of intensity, showcasing ‘Massive Will’ as a mature and multifaceted statement of self-affirmation and independence.

The playlist also features the latest single by Egyptian rapper Ziad Zaza. Titled ‘PAGHIZ’, the track delves deeper into rage territory. Produced by Medhvt, it features overdriven synth melodies that create a noisy backdrop for Ziad Zaza's raw vocal performance.


DAFENCII X SOULJA - COUNTER ATTACK Elyanna - GANENI Emel - Pride  Talia Lahoud - Gharibi ZIAD ZAZA - PAGHIIIIIIIIIIZ Saint Levant - 5am in Paris Idriss D - Tsakhbira Nxdia - Jennifer's Body