Releases of the Month is a collaboration between SceneNoise and XP Music Futures that brings you a playlist of the month's most noteworthy tracks.

This month, US-based Saudi Arabian artist Tamtam channeled 2010s pop stars like Kesha and Lady Gaga in her latest release ‘Rollercoaster’, while Egyptian artist Bayou teamed up with Hady Moamer and Motif Alumni to offer their take on Egyptian RnB.

We also bring you the latest from Dubai-based rapper Tayeb Santo, who showcased his rapid-fire flows on ‘Majaneen’, Saudi Arabian rappers Ntitled and Dafencii’s latest catchy single ‘Ween Yabu’, and Palestinian artist Noel Kharman’s contrast between melancholic vocals and an upbeat instrumental on ‘Wayyak’.

On the more electronic end of the spectrum, Saudi Arabian and Spanish DJ/Producers Baloo and Carlo teamed up on their earwormy release ‘Salted Chocolate’, Lebanese synth aficionado Etyen released his expansive single ‘Schon’, and Amine K and Yahya brought us their hypnotic new track ‘Raga’ to round out our monthly playlist.


  • Tamtam - Rollercoaster
  • Bayou - Call Her Right Now (Ft. Hady Moamer & Motif Alumni)
  • Noel Kharman - Wayyak
  • Santo - Majaneen
  • Amine K, Yahya - Raga
  • Etyen - Schon
  • Baloo, Carlo - Salted Chocolate

Listen to the full playlist here: