Not your average rapper, Palestinian-Jordanian artist, Anees, is a man who’s music sits on the jollier end of the rap spectrum. His latest release, ‘Slip’, is the perfect example of this. While it talks of love and other complicated matters of the heart, it’s feel-good, neo soul-inspired R&B beat puts it a whole world away from the current state of rap in the US.

Describing himself as a hip-hop/indie artist, the Washington DC-based rapper isn’t as far removed from his Arab roots as many believe, citing the likes of Narcy and Offendum as two US-based rappers with roots in the MENA region that he believes are flying their respective flags proudly and effectively as representatives of the Arab diaspora.

‘Slip’ has gotten Anees some national attention recently, after he was invited on morning show NBCLX to perform a track that could be a watershed moment for the rapper as he looks to take his sound to a bigger scale.