Following the successful collaboration on the joint project '2000 GEN' with Ziad Zaza, the masked rapper Turk returns with a provocative new single, ‘Shed F Tarfo’, accompanied by a self-directed music video. Turk has been generating significant buzz in the rap scene lately with his unapologetic stance, unconventional style that can be both unhinged and aggressive, and in-your-face delivery.

On this track, Turk collaborates with his regular producer, Kingoo, who crafted the entire '2000 GEN' album. Kingoo delivers a progressive trap beat that serves as the foundation for Turk's ambitious and overtly offensive lyrical approach. While the song's lyrical narrative lacks a clear structure, with some redundancy in Turk's verses, it showcases an evolution in his technical skills. He keeps pace with the accelerated drum patterns, delivering his lyrics rapidly while Kingoo lays down thick 808s that further emphasize his flow.

Taking on another creative role, Turk also directed the music video for the single. This further solidifies his position as one of the scene's most promising music video directors. Having previously directed the latest video for fellow rapper Ziad Zaza and a short film for their joint album '2000 GEN', Turk demonstrates that he's not just a rapper but also someone with a visionary approach to hip-hop.