Subsequent to the global success of her single ‘THE SNAKE’ earlier this year, London-based Palestinian-American artist, Lana Lubany, released a new ethereal single. ‘SOLD’, her latest single, amassed over 500k+ streams in the last couple of days since its debut. Known for throwing in traditional Arabic into predominantly English songs, ‘SOLD’ is, perhaps, Lubany’s smoothest fusion of languages yet.

The dramaturgically-inclined ’SOLD‘ captures the volatile nature of love in all capacities. Underpinned by this motif, the song is a melding of phantasmagoric spells that bind the story of a hypnotic love to that of a vulnerable one. Rich in harmonies and an extensive backlog of instrumental ingenuity, the song begins with a slow seduction, inviting listeners to succumb to the artist’s own state of mind. As the tempo picks up, the song catapults you outside of that sentiment and into the cold arms of reality.

Attempting to reify the broken pieces, Lubany strings together a song comparable to that of Rosalia’s heartfelt ballads as it sits so tenderly amongst similar canonical love songs.