It’s rare to find tracks that the remix outdoes the original, especially in the genre of rap, but we’re pretty sure that this challenges our theory. Ziad Zaza’s explosion onto the scene has been sudden and dramatic. A real don’t-know-what-hit-‘em affair. With his exaggerated flair and distinctive delivery of unexpected lines, his peculiar stylistic choices and larger-than-life personality, it’s not a surprise that he seems to have achieved overnight success.

BASHA is one of Zaza’s most famous tracks and for me personally, the one that got me really hooked, and this remix of it is overwhelming and confusing in the absolute best of ways. Produced by Ismail Nosrat, this “Official REMIX” is an affair of pounding techno beats that are diluted by drum breaks, something we’re going to peg on Hassan Abou Alam’s influence. The results are genuinely refreshing. Keeping Zaza’s vocals mostly intact goes a long way in keeping the original track flair going, making this remix feel familiar, and thus, even better. 

The ad-libs and sound effects added are charming and are quite varied. From random yells, syncopated claps, and other crazed sounds, the sonic production drips with character, the busy-ness of the whole mix makes the whole cut simply invigorating.

With credits that extend even further than Ismail Nosrat and Ziad Zaza to include Aly B and Hassan Abou Alam, this product is a fruitful collab of a couple of interesting names, making for very interesting results.