Qatari and Egyptian producers, Deus Deserto and Sokkary have teamed up to release techno banger ‘Focal Point’ released via Mahool Records.

‘Focal Point’ delves into the realms of dark techno, blending pulsating trance basslines with dynamic percussions. With its characteristic thumping rumble the anthem encapsulates the essence of the late 2010s electronic subgenre, featuring robust kicks, gritty synths, and a lively tempo hovering around 130 BPM.

Behind the track lies Deus Deserto, an innovative Qatari producer and DJ recognized for his ability to infuse old school grooves with melancholic yet energetic beats. Taking inspiration from industry veterans such as Eric Prydz and Daft Punk, Deus Deserto brings a unique perspective to the scene, infusing his tracks with a positive, up-beat atmosphere.

Teaming up with Deus Deserto is Sokkary, an Egyptian DJ/Producer from Alexandria, known for his exploration of the darker and more mysterious facets of electronic music. As part of a burgeoning wave of Middle Eastern talents, Sokkary contributes his distinct style to the collaboration, blending melodic depth with energetic grooves.

“It was actually my first time collaborating with someone in the same room (...) so doing this in person was actually a great experience for me.” Deus Deserto tells SceneNoise. “For this collaboration we were looking into balancing each other’s styles as Sokkary would bring his melodic and emotional impact to the track and I would bring in my energetic and groovy elements to it.”

Deus Deserto and Sokkary aimed to recreate the allure of old Drumcode tracks from 2015-2018, drawing inspiration from artists like Chris Avantgarder and Kevin De Vries collaboration.