This week on ‘Shreet Cocktail’, Jordanian Alt-Rock pioneers El Morabba3 made their return with ‘Biban’, their second release since their return from hiatus and change in formation. We also hear from influential Egyptian producer Molotof as he continues his recent stream of releases with ‘Rayeh Fen’.

Meanwhile, with a tongue-in-cheek cameo by Mia Khalifa (you know who she is - that’s right, the actress from ‘Ramy’), Palestinian artist Saint Levant released his latest single ‘Nails’. We also bring you the latest from Lana Lubany, Tasneem Elaidy, Rvwvn, and more of your favourite MENA artists.


  • Tasneem Elaidy - Good Girl 
  • Lana Lubany - Expectations 
  • Rvwvn - Baby Ana
  • Saint Levant - Nails
  • Moktar - All Like That
  • Ghita Askari - Illbealright
  • Molotof - Rayeh Fen
  • El Morabba3 - Biban
  • The Rattlesnakes - Flirting With Death
  • Mn:wen - Ghab

Listen to the full playlist here: