On this week’s edition of Shreet Cocktail, our playlist features a number of levantine releases like Palestinian artist Dinamiin’s ‘Dawama’ where she overlays her melodic vocals over a classical guitar instrumental, Amsterdam-based Syrian multidisciplinary artist Thawra’s ethereal track ‘La7ali (produced by Noise Diva)’, and Palestinian artist Lina Makoul’s confrontational lyricism and cultural nods in her latest release ‘Fish Masari’.

Rising Lebanese artist Blu Fiefer also released her most recent single ‘Ekhir Hamme’, in which her care-free attitude and powerful vocals meet glitchy pop production mixed with Arabic percussion. Meanwhile, Ontario-based Jordanian artist Nawal also released her latest single ‘Greedy’ in collaboration with Saudi Arabian producer NBL, where the driving pop-rock beat gives Nawal the space to showcase her vocal range and catchy melodies, imbued with a hint of the blues.

We also hear from Saudi Arabian alternative band Statues of Sinking Men in their latest release ‘Burning Sun (Ft. Ghada Sheri and Klinsh)’, in which the instrumental seamlessly morphs between an orchestral soundscape in the first leg of the track into an explosive NU metal-inspired sound towards the end.


Blu Fiefer - Ekhir Hamme

Aley Baracat - Law Basseit

Thawra - La7ali (Prod. Noise Diva)

Statues Of Sinking Men - Burning Sun (Ft. Ghada Sheri, Klinsh)

Khaled Nasser - Fiha Eh Kaman

Lina Makoul - Fish Masari

Dinamiin - Dawameh

Liliane Chlela - Jurk

Shunus - Dance Felony

Oguz X Gravedgr - I Am Not A Whore

Nawal X NBL - Greedy

Listen to the full playlist here: