Egyptian alt-pop group Sharmoofers have just released their latest track, 'Resala,’ translated into Hebrew. Infusing their signature sound with Afro-inspired elements, the group tackles the ongoing genocide taking place in Gaza, delivering a poignant message through their music.

The track opens with a blend of dark melodies and a pulsating bassline that sets the tone as lead singer Ahmed Bahaa conveys the pain and grief experienced by the people of Palestine. As the verses unfold, Bahaa's storytelling paints a vivid picture of the harrowing situation, stressing the pain and grief of the ongoing injustice in Palestine.

As the track reaches its climax, listeners are met with powerful background vocals, echoing the chant, 'the people want.' This chant draws its roots from 'the people want to overthrow the regime,' which reverberated across Arab nations during the Arab Spring, becoming a unified cry against oppressive regimes.

Accompanying the release of 'Resala', a lyric video with both Arabic and Hebrew subtitles for the first time seeks to ensure that 'the message' is conveyed to Israeli settler audiences.