Famed Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza unveils her latest link up with Chilean-Palestinian sensation Elyanna in the single ‘Good Torture’, following her recent collaborations with the art pop icon Grimes on ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.

Sung in English and Arabic, their passionate exchange about a love gone wrong unfolds over a vibrant soundscape infused with R&B and bossa nova influences. This marks a distinct shift from Sedvaliza’s previous exploration of darker, intricate production, as she now embraces a brighter, global pop sound.

This collaboration between two female artists offers a beautiful and emotionally resonant song that aligns with Sevdaliza's ongoing focus on amplifying the voices and stories of women around the world.

Organized by Live Nation, Elyanna's collaboration with Sevdaliza builds upon her growing recognition within the music industry. Previously named on Rolling Stone's list of '25 artists to watch' and marking the first Arabic artist to perform at Coachella, the singer-songwriter has been making waves with her distinctive style and innovative approach to Arabic pop music. She embraces her cultural roots while introducing her artistry to a wider, international audience.