Saudi techo-house duo Hats & Klaps’ most recent single ‘Far From Home’ is a head-bumping track that grazes on various genres such as techno and house. Released via Soundcloud, ‘Far From Home’ is a seven minutes long house track, integrating a minimal rhythm enveloped in a sampled voice in French. The track’s eerie guitar lines and high-BPM render ‘Far From Home’ a repetitive yet textured sonic melody, eliciting a trance-inducing atmosphere.

Amin and Hamza, professionally known as Hats & Klaps, have developed a distinctive musical sound that often blends electronic elements with unconventional rhythmic twists and nuances. Recognised for their dynamic performances, Hats & Klaps have released EPs on well-regarded record labels such Seven Villas Music, Conceptual Records, Simple Things Records and Zebra Records. They have participated in multiple events including the ADE festival in Amsterdam and performed across various locations in Europe, the US, Mexico, and the Middle East, sharing stages with influential artists within the industry.