Ever since the release of her hit ‘3tma’ with Egyptian producer EL Waili, enchanting Egyptian singer Samar Tarik has kept a relatively low profile, releasing almost one track following the collaboration. Now, Samar has finally returned with another somber single ‘Makany’ with talented music producer and multi-instrumentalist Mahib Sleat.

Released on Saudi Arabia’s Wall of Sound, ‘Makany’ sees Samar questioning her place in life, embarking on the unsettling emotions she faces when opening a new chapter. She keeps her lyrics simple and open for interpretation, a signature style in Samar’s songwriting direction. Sleat keeps it minimalistic in the first half of the song, making the use of a dulcet piano and violin, with a mini-trumpet solo acting as the bridge to the song. In the second half, the song sees the introduction of drums and a funk-inspired bass, making it a guaranteed head-bop with its disco/RnB-like bounce.
Listen to the song in link below