In a self styled “masterclass in dark, French-Arabic rap with rich instrumentals,” French-Algerian singer and producer Sabrina Bellaouel released a new remix of ‘Arab Liquor’ featuring emerging Algerian rapper Dak, ahead of her anticipated EP bearing the same name.The track is an ode to Kabilya and Berber culture, evident in the blending of North African instruments with selected percussions. Producer Dawee spices up the instrumental but doesn’t stray far from the initial beat and maintains its dark essence, while Dak hits it with a brilliant verse executing a UK drill-like flow which, complemented by Dawee’s retuning, produces an Algerian Drill fusion.

And with that taster, after her hit 2020 EP, Libra, Sabrina Bellaouel’s new EP, Arab Liquor, is just around the corner and will drop on 28 May.