It’s been an exciting week of releases across the MENA region’s wide genre spectrum. This week’s release saw new music by Dounia, Mishaal Tamer with the R&B styled ‘966’, Mike Massy’s ‘Dabke On Board’ film score, Anees with ‘free me’, and another banger by Gemyhood and Besh.

Famed Jordanian band also released ‘Talajat’, alongside another single from Gharam Electric in ‘Sakhba’, and later ‘El Baba’ by 3enba, followed by Sanfara’s ‘Hbibty Wini and Zeina’s ‘Blueberries & Gin’, Al9ine’s ‘AYAM’, Muzkila’s ‘QAAR A’, D33pSoul’s ‘Dima Maak’ and finally, Sawyy’s ‘M4 BB2A HENA’.

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