Our Rap of the Week playlist returns with another compilation of the week's top hip-hop releases. The SceneNoise team meticulously curates standout tracks from the MENA region's vibrant scene, featuring the likes of Abyusif, A.L.A, and Dafencii.

Kicking off the playlist is Abyusif's surprise release, ‘Sorry’. Over a haunting trap beat, Abyusif delivers powerful verses, showcasing his dynamic flows and confident demeanor. His relentless delivery is coupled with impactful vocal inflections and hard-hitting punchlines.

Next up, Ziad Zaza delves deeper into the realm of rage rap with his latest offering, ‘PAGHIZ’. Produced by Medhvt, the track features over-driven synth melodies, creating a noisy backdrop for Ziad Zaza's raw vocal performance. Building on his previous explorations in tracks like ‘Sam3 Akhina’ and ‘Paris’, this track further solidifies his venture into the rage rap genre.

Further down the playlist, a monumental collaboration between Sudanese rap icons Soulja and Dafencii can be heard on their latest release, ‘Counter Attack’. The track was inspired by the highly-anticipated monster movie ‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’.



Mc Artisan - Indigene Ft G.G.A Didine Canon 16 - Marcelo DAFENCII X SOULJA - COUNTER ATTACK Hleem Taj Alser - Toxic El Sawareekh FT. Abo El Anwar - Andy Saheb