On this edition of Rap of The Week, our playlist features some of the region’s leading rappers, bringing you releases from the likes of Egyptian rap star Abyusif, whose latest track ‘Angham’ sees him delivering melancholic melodies that cut through a dense arrangement of background vocals and ad-libs, which echo along to fast paced jersey club rhythm of the instrumental. You can also hear Jordanian collaborators Rknddn & Big Murk’s latest release, ‘Gazder’ in this week’s selection, where Rknnddn’s vocal flows hold the beat in place with clockwork timing, leaving Big Murk free to arrange rapid drum patterns and evolving rhythms throughout the track. Meanwhile, influential Egyptian rapper.producer Lil Baba released his latest single ‘Zemily Elnegm’, where producer Dr. Mo3geza keeps things simple with a clean, and colorful instrumental that plays off of the track’s catchy 3-note brass melody. Lil Baba is joined by Ahmed Santa and Abo El Anwar of ‘El Mexic’, where the three rappers circle through clever one-liners and evolving flows over the eccentric beat.


  • Rknddn & Big Murk - Gazder
  • Abyusif - Algham (Prod Abyusif & Dr Mo3geza)
  • Jara - Baktom
  • Tul8te - Basra (Prod. Lege-cy)
  • Lil Baba - Zemily Elnegm (Ft. Abo El Anwar, Ahmed Santa, Dr. Mo3geza)
  • L’oshain - Kobbili (Ft. Le.s777)
  • Abdou Hk - Hadik Hiya
  • Didine Canon 16 - Nostradamus
  • Mr Yaseen - Ghdara Veinem | Dergn-dergn
  • Samara - Ena 2two X Double Aitch - Critical (Prod. Catcher)

Listen to the full playlist here: