In this week's installment of our ‘Rap of the Week’ playlist, we’ve curated some of the freshest hip-hop tunes released this week across the MENA region. The playlist features some big players in the scene alongside up-and-coming rappers, including Abyusif, A.L.A and Akra.

Abyusif achieves his dream collaboration with Medhat Saleh in the Red Bull series ‘Redbull Sika’ with the track ‘Foo2 (Msh Ader)’. Abyusif delivered an emotional, melancholic performance on the track contrasted by Medhat Saleh’s optimistic and positive lyrics, creating a dynamic flow between the two on the beat produced by Abyusif.

We also see established Tunisian rapper A.L.A with his latest single ‘Shkoon’, coming through with his distinct melodic flows and braggadocious attitude against a hard-hitting trap beat, continuing his single-release streak.

Further along the playlist, we witness Sudanese-based rapper Soulja in his latest track ‘Ronaldo’. The rapper has created a unique style of his own within the Arabic trap scene with his experimentation of exotic samples and rhythms.


  • A.L.A - Shkoon
  • Medhat Saleh, Abyusif - Foo2 (Msh Ader)
  • JenJoon - Melgalb
  • Akra - Gatsby
  • Soulja - Ronaldo
  • MahdyMadness - Helm
  • IMIN ft @Anysmusic - KOB
  • Shobra El General ft. @Molotofmusic El Moled

Listen to the full playlist here: