To honour the 5th anniversary of the untimely passing of beloved Algerian singer and activist Rachid Taha, Haitian DJ and producer Francis Mercier is reinterpreting the late artist’s hit ‘Ya Rayeh’ in his notorious Afro/world house style. He is joined in the reinvention of the regional classic by Taha’s son, Clyde P, who brings his experience as a music producer into the track.

Having fostered a long-standing respect for Rachid Taha all his life, Mercier’s tribute carefully preserves the musician’s vocals, only altering the production of the single. Paired with Clyde P's expertise and intimate understanding of his father, the song - titled ‘Ya Rayeh (Win Msafer)’, which translates to, “Immigrant, where are you going?” - stands as a firm remembrance of Taha’s powerful legacy.