Egyptian rap royalty Perrie has been elevating with each release. Keeping a relatively low profile following her successful EP ‘12:01 AM’, Perrie is back with a stellar performance in ‘El Sa3a Tes3a’. Perrie’s sheer determination, passion, and expansive talent makes her undoubtedly one of the best in the game at the moment. Not even the bigotry of the rap community’s blindsided members could stop her rise to the top.

Perrie brings a crisp precision and a defined sense of melody to her flow, seamlessly riding the instrumental like a surfer on a wave. A self-produced single, Perrie offers a minimal-yet jolting instrumental, making the use of fluctuating hi-hats that gives off an extra dose of movement. Perrie fends off any sense of doubt that comes her way, laying out her bars in full confidence, with what might be one of her best deliveries yet. Perrie also pays tribute to her Mexic crew in Abyusif and Abo El Anwar, as well as challenging a certain someone in a subtle style..

If you take a closer look at Perrie’s track/EP names, you’d notice that a fair amount are named after times, which makes one wonder what these numbers have in common. Are they angel numbers? Are they sentimental timings to the rap star? We’ll just have to wait for Perrie to clarify this matter.