Nicolas Jaar, Suzanne Ciani, ZULI, Mayss and a slew of renowned regional and international artists have recently released a 63-track compilation album to raise funds for Palestinian children in Gaza. 

Titled ‘ENOUGH!’, the digital album was put together by Mayss, Amman-based DJ, curator and host of the Dreaming Live podcast, featuring various renowned singers, musicians and producers from across the globe such as Legowelt, DJ Marcelle, Sarah Davachi, Bok Bok, Simon Cell, Badawi, Tamara Qaddoumi, KMRU, Matrixxman and more.  All proceeds accumulated from the sale of the album will go to Dr. Ghassan Abu Shittah’s Children’s Fund, which aims to treat injured children, rebuild destroyed medical infrastructure, and establish a sponsorship program for over 20,000 children who have been orphaned in Palestine. 

The album is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp.