Sudanese singer-rapper Nadine El Roubi has just released a short retro-style video of her track ’Say So’ from her debut EP ‘Triplicity’. The rising singer has taken to R&B and jazz sonics in her latest EP, and for the track ’Say So’, she pulls off a casual, yet glamorous aesthetic that gives off an air of effortlessness.

The track, produced by Kubbara, opens up with a washed out reversed sample that gently welcomes the listener. We are then met with a groovy, yet simple bassline, which, along with some heavy-sounding, slightly sloppy drums, set the scene for Nadine to deliver a rap verse overflowing with attitude.

The ad-libs, backing vocals, and vocal embellishments on this track showcase Nadine’s attention to detail, which, along with Kubbara’s pristine sonics and soulful electric piano, add polish to this funky, yet atmospheric release.

By the time we reach the chorus, an unhinged lead synthesiser adds electrifying energy to the section, while giving space for Nadine to shine in a powerful and heartfelt vocal performance.

Later, in the second verse, the track sees a change in production, as we are met with a more complex drum groove that adds irresistible energy to the track.