With thousands of listeners monthly, London-based Egyptian artist and multi-genre producer, NOVO, is amassing a growing, loyal fanbase. His 2019 hit single ‘Little Bit’ was a fast track to a taste of success, accumulating over 600,000 streams across all music platforms.

NOVO has recently served up his new single ‘Nobody’, a laid back, relatable track in which he talks of heartache. Released a month ago, the single has seen an impressive ascent up the charts and reminded us that NOVO is a name set to stay. Released under Egyptian record label IVRIN (pronounced foreign), ‘Nobody’ is yet another immaculate collaboration between NOVO and producers Issa&Assouad which quietly pulls on your heartstring while simultaneously making for an easy listen. Written by NOVO himself alongside Tamer Hegab and Ahmed Hamzawy, the sincere lyrics are accompanied with soulful guitar solos dished out by the ever-talented Ahmed Hosam and Adam Dauod.