In the past few months, the world has witnessed the daily destruction of Palestinian homes paired with graphic images of war-torn Gaza and its people fighting for their life. Cairo-based rapper and singer-songwriter Muhab expresses his experience as a helpless viewer through his art to shed light on the ongoing Palestinian struggle for survival with a new track, ‘Rooh’.

The low tempo track filled with ambient sounds and a simple guitar melody gives Muhab a fitting vocal atmosphere to spill his worried thoughts on the endless violence which shapes the Palestinian experience. In the middle section of the track, the music cuts off to give the spotlight to Muhab who cries for the Palestinian children who are killed by the occupation’s forces without having to do anything with the war. Throughout the track, he constantly questions the reasoning behind the silence of world leaders to the ongoing massacre.

‘Rooh’ is paired with an animated visual representation done by Egyptian visual artists Marosuniverse and Muhammed Gamal. The animation emphasises that every path the Palestinian people have tried to take for the purpose of uplifting their people has yet again, led to the same outcome. Through his work, Muhab reflects on his feelings that, while it seems obvious that the current events go against the natural law, others will make excuses for the violence when Palestinians aren't seen as humans who deserve equal rights.