Since her debut in 2017, the Berlin based singer has made waves by putting out a number of impressive hit singles and videos. In February she released the EDM-influenced club song ‘Emotion’, and just two weeks ago she released the pop-trap single ‘Goodnight And Goodmorning’. On this latest release she returns with a more traditional take on a grand pop ballad.
‘A Thousand Nights’ is very stripped down compared to both ‘Emotion’ and ‘Goodnight And Goodmorning’. The pace has been lowered significantly and the instrumentation surrounds Mougleta´s voice and functions as a foundation for vocal output and longing words.

Yet again, on this release, Mougleta shows her wide ranging singing abilities which can handle almost any type of genre and beat. And even though it feels like the singer at times is being challenged on this true pop-crooner, ‘A Thousand Nights’, she ends up on top in convincing fashion.

Listen to ‘A Thousand Nights’ below.