Egyptian producer Molotof is inarguably a rap scene favorite, who’s claim to fame transpired inexplicably to his inventive approach in music making. Known for his fusion of western dance music over Egyptian percussive programming, as well for his experimental approach in hip hop. He continuously segways from one genre to the other, continuing to inspire a generation of forthcoming creatives as he obliterates the ideology of genre constriction.

The untamable genius ventures into the techno domain in his new release ‘Nasf el Admegha’. An ensemble of strobing synths and arpeggiated chords overlaid with a pummeling techno beat. Mid-way through the track, the drums go solo as a nasal synthesizer leads the way on the build-up as other instrumentals gradually show their colors when the track goes to a second drop with all the percussion getting back in place.

Sadly however, ‘Nasf El Admegha’ is only available for streaming on youtube thus far, but it’s expected to release amongst all major platforms.