After finishing his main quests as a music producer, electrifying Egyptian producer Molotof seems to be going through the side quests now as it can be noticed through his latest remixed releases. Molotof just recently released a remix of Travis Scott’s hit ‘Butterfly Effect’ into his own ‘Molowave’ style.

A heavyweight in the scene, Molotof has established a unique sound, inspiring to say the least, which is evident in the sounds being made by other producers, finding influence from Molotof’s contemporary sounds, which brings together the infectiousness of the shaabi/mahraganat sounds such as the mizmar, eastern keys, and nay with the thumping and hard drive of electronic music.

The rap scene has been relatively relaxing for a while now, it is unclear what the conundrum seems to be, but releases haven’t been as powerful as they used to be. Instead of waiting for an artist or a rapper to work with, Molotof decided on a new challenge of remixing hit tracks. After initially reworking offset and Cardi B’s ‘Clout’, the electrifying producer decided to add his secret sauce to Travis Scott’s historic hit ‘Butterfly Effect’. For the remix, Molotof changed up the entire groove of the original single, giving it a traditional hip hop-sha3bi fusion drum arrangement, with his signature pulsating synthesizer, arpeggiating throughout the entirety of this remake.