Amidst the ongoing aggression in the Gaza Strip by Israeli occupation forces, Egyptian band Massar Egbari has released their latest alternative rock track, 'Rouh El Rouh', in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Translating to ‘Soul of the soul’, ‘Rouh El Rouh’ sees Massar Egbari seamlessly blend electronic drums and explosive drops with fast-paced, trap-influenced hi-hat patterns. The track captures the resilience and unwavering spirit of the Palestinian people, as portrayed in one of the lines which, in Arabic, says: "I am a promise, a certainty, even if my eyes close with gunpowder, the scent will pervade the eyes of millions, freeing their spirits, shaking prison's pavilions."

The lyrics are written by Amaar Mostafa and sung by Hani Al-Dakkak, the band's lead vocalist and composer.