Kuwait-based artist Tamara Qaddoumi has recently dropped her single ‘Over Fire’, from her forthcoming album ‘Sorry Signal’, on all digital platforms.

Blending musical influences from her Palestinian, Lebanese and Scottish heritages, Qaddoumi’s sounds weave existential questions of belonging and identity into her melodies. Her music features harmonious vocal layering, synths, expressive drums and distinctive guitar riffs, embracing contradictory dynamics inherent in electronic music.

The four-track album serves as contemplation on death, presenting a cold-pop sound, rich with emotional expressions and emphasizing the intricate relationship between humanity and technology. Drawing inspiration from hospital settings, the album infuses cold and sterile atmospheres with evocative guitars, expressive synths and thoughtful lyrics.

‘Over Fire’ navigates the fine line between sadness and letting go. A rhythmic trance of industrial beats guides a dense, somewhat discordant hum of synths, interrupted by waves of Qaddoumi's sad vocals and harmonies.

Since 2018, Tamara has released two EPs and was often featured on magazines like Marie Claire and Bazaar.