Egyptian singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Kiiko has unveiled his sophomore EP titled 'Altair'. Over five tracks, Kiiko traverses a spectrum of emotions through intricate indie pop arrangements, crafting an atmospheric ambiance marked by his distinctive vocals and a cohesive selection of sounds that are elevated by poignant lyrics.

Opening the EP with 'Homewrecker', Kiiko establishes the tone for the record with his muffled singing voice. As the echo-like sound dissipates, he delves into contemplation of a broken love affair, grappling with regrets while striving to move forward. Across the EP, Kiiko expresses his emotional state through his narrative, stuck between what happened and what should have happened, a never-ending cycle of regret and despair. In tracks like 'MOODS', Kiiko poetically narrates a story about attending a party despite not feeling like it. Upon arrival, he is allured by the waitress, describing her face as "overshining the moon." The storytelling unfolds seamlessly, evoking the sensation of sitting with a friend recounting the events of the previous night.

The EP adopts a slightly more melancholic tone with ‘STRIFE’, as Kiiko crafts an atmospheric soundscape that embraces shoegaze aesthetics. Heavy guitars and drums are layered beneath his distorted voice as he philosophically reflects on and contemplates a past love, striving for a "weight to be lifted." This darker tone is further emphasized on the following track ‘i think i saw you'. The synth lines create an ominous, dreamy vibe, while Kiiko's falsetto beautifully harmonizes with the sonic arrangements, creating a dream-like emotion.

'WHERE WILL I GO' provides a poignant closure. Marking the heaviest on the record in terms of sound, the song is led by multi-layered synthesizers while Kiiko's voice takes on a more powerful, expressive tone, accompanied by symphonic strings, as his lyrics express his heart-wrenching emotional state.