Following the release of his debut EP ‘Wlad al Massa’, rising Jordanian rapper Shbash teams up with beloved Palestinian-Jordanian rap icon The Synaptik in their latest release, ‘Saware5’. Shbash has been making his mark on the Jordanian music scene by developing a unique sound that blends trap, drill, electronic, and traditional Arabic music elements.

In the track ‘Saware5’, we are met with a deep-sounding sub-bass that sets tone for Shbash’s distinctive vocals to come in with a chant-like delivery style. Shbash makes his use of auto-tune completely obvious, as he does not shy away from using the effect as a stylistic element which compliments his deep register and gravelly voice.

The instrumental features a sparse yet infectious drum beat that uses rhythmic ideas typically heard in Arabic music. This, along with a detuned lead synthesiser melody, imbues the release with a familiar oriental flavour which is contrasted by electronic music aesthetics such as the drum sound selection and swirling synth arpeggios.

Shbash takes a more melodic approach in his rap flows, as he spaces out his lyrics over the groove of the beat, giving his vocals more weight and intensity, while The Synaptik, on the other hand, comes in with a syncopated, fast-paced flow that adds movement and excitement to the colourful release.

The visualizer for the track, created by Muaaz Shalash, with typography by Rana Tawil, takes us into a surreal 3D environment rich with vivid details and a moody colour palette, promising to send viewers into a hypnotic trance.

Watch the video for Shbash X The Synaptik’s ‘Saware5’ here: