HASNA's EP ‘Inconnues’ (which translates to ‘unknown’ or ‘stranger’ in English) embarks on a lyrical journey that inherently navigates the labyrinthine corridors of human experience. This introspective compilation of songs offers an intimate foray into the intricacies of love and emotion. As the EP unfolds, listeners are enveloped in HASNA's evocative sonic landscape.

The storyline opens with ‘Lost Woods,’ a live interpretation of HASNA's latest composition. The track is an intimate exploration of unrequited love, delving into the realms of vulnerability and the aftermath of romantic rejection. ‘Lost Woods' gently invites listeners to tap into HASNA’s heartfelt confessions; a process that innately feels like prying into one’s personal journal. The instrumental presence of the derbuka and piano crafts an atmosphere mirroring those delicate moments, at times painfully introspective, between twilight and dawn.

‘Inconnues’ delves further into the depths of human doubt and vulnerability through ‘Sun Goes Down.’ This haunting rendition of HASNA's initial release lays bare the raw emotions that accompany the struggle against trauma and adversity. The setting sun becomes a potent symbol of fading hope, and the weight of life's tribulations leaves a haunting sense of numbness. It serves as a stark reminder that even the brightest days can yield to shadows. Yet, within this starkness, HASNA's narrative shines brightly with its unflinching exploration of human fragility.

The EP’s denouement, ‘Balançoir,’ is a more complex portrayal of the alienating love HASNA portrays. The song's intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics unveil an emotional depth that is compelling and all-encompassing. It tells the story of irresistible affection, simultaneously ensnaring and threatening to obliterate.

Blending genres, languages and dynamic instrumentation, ‘Inconnues’ tenaciously treks through geographical and emotional borders as a means to deliver a message that can, one day, resonate with a global audience.