London-based Lebanese rapper and producer Laughta has released a new EP titled ‘Layali’. Known for her distinct blend of UK and Arabic influences, the Nigerian-born artist has garnered acclaim for her music that reflects her multicultural background.

‘Layali’ showcases a variety of musical styles and collaborations with numerous artists, continuing Laughta's signature fusion of cultural influences. Collaborators on the EP include A.G. Nimeri, Noramai, Poe Leos, Mohammed Alsahli, Kali B, and Beast. A music video for the song ‘Hinak Hina’ is also expected.

This release follows a series of prior successes for Laughta. Her late-2023 track ‘Ain't the Same’ achieved significant radio play and industry recognition, including a BBC Introducing 'One to Watch' accolade. Her recent single ‘Belail ft. A.G Nimeri’ was also well-received, with features on Apple Music's ‘Discovered on Apple Music’ and BBC Introducing.

Beyond music, Laughta fosters connections across cultures and genres. Her work as the inaugural ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Music Hub in Riyadh involved collaborations with regional and international talents.