Bahraini-Saudi duo Arabstract are back with their latest offering ‘waNASA’, after the pandemic forced Abdulla Faisal and Maram Abdulaal into hiatus. Abstract as it is eclectic, the track simultaneously fuses local Middle Eastern sounds with new experimental electronica and trip-hop notes that compliment one another.

“WaNASA is about welcoming back our Saudi sisters & brothers to Bahrain after a long hiatus (thanks 'rona). The song explores various themes including: finding fun at astronomical heights in Manama, Bahrain,” the duo stated, adding that, "The song, much like any artwork, is open to your interpretation."With a sprouting number of new Bahraini artists giving weight to its growing perception as an important emerging player in the Middle East music scene, Arabstract stands as among the more eclectic duos to appear in the region. Composed of Abdulla Faisal and Maram Abdulaal, Arabstract was birthed in a moment of spontaneous collaboration for a conceptual event in Bahrain. The pair gave a taste of their style with previous single ‘Mafi’ in 2020.