Ever since Fifty and Ortega teased us with posters from their new collab single music video ‘7amla’, featuring mugshots of a slightly bruised Marawn Moussa and Ziad Zaza, the internet has been in a speculative frenzy, counting the days until its release date.

The Egyptian mahragant superstars have just released their highly anticipated music video, which features Fifty and Ortega themselves – for the first time – alongside ten of Egypt’s beloved rap and shaabi music icons, including Karim Osama, Riff, Molotof, Sulizier, Felo, El Sewesy and Feto. Produced by El Joker, Moka and Memoomthebeat, the song is a tight fusion of traditional Shaabi elements and Egyptian rap music. 

Directed by Mostafa Medhat, the video sees the rap stars portrayed as suspects of criminal acts, and being interrogated by a police officer in a dark brooding atmosphere reminiscent of Gotham City.