“An ode to Sabah Fakhri and Cheikha Rimitti” - this is how Elyanna, the Palestinian-Chilean artist, described her latest track as she eloquently embraces her musical heritage in 'Al Sham'. Hailing from occupied Nazareth, Elyanna beautifully together this sonic, lyrical and visual homage to her Levantine roots into a captivating piece.

In enchanting Arabic Fusha, 'Al Sham' seamlessly fuses the cultural threads of Dabke and Rai, infusing a modern twist with pronounced electronic elements. Elyanna's breathtaking vocals set the stage with the poetic words of the late Sabah Fakhri - "خمرة الحب اسقنيها، جدول لا ماء فيها" - a lyrical immersion into the essence of love and longing.

As the song unfolds, Elyanna's voice channels the traditional sounds and roots inherent in Levantine heritage music, enhanced by a dynamic interplay of instruments that bursts forth, culminating in a vibrant and rhythmic Dabke bridge that encapsulates the spirit of her homeland.

The video, directed by her brother Fairdose, tells a story through cinematic frames and symbolic references. The recurring motif of a golden heart with a dagger evolves into a powerful symbol of empowerment and healing, contributing to a narrative of cultural pride and identity.