The Palestinian-Jordanian, all-rounded musician El Far3i is always in-step with the headlines from around the region. This year has been extremely fruitful for El Far3i. With a handful of singles and music videos, his ‘Nas Min Khashab’ album, and his performances around the Middle East and Europe, El Far3i has been on overdrive.

In his latest release 'Jenin', El Far3i takes the opportunity to praise the resilience of the Palestinian people against hostile forces. The track is an ode to the city of Jenin in the Northern-West Bank of Palestine.

The visual sees El Far3i rapping through an empty parking lot, edited in juxtaposition with clips and videos of people resisting and fighting for their freedom. El Far3i raps about the powerful community with pride. Just days ago, Jenin fell under a merciless attack, which saw a school getting shot and others getting arrested.

This track also sees El Far3i take on a drill sound, the unofficial sound of Palestinian hiphop.

Listen to El Far3i’s ‘Jenin’ below.