2021 has been a fairly quiet year thus far for L5VAV, at least in comparison to his peers. Granted, we’ve seen the Alexandria native team-up with Wegz in surprising Afrobeat-inspired June release, ‘Khod W Hat’, but we haven’t seen a year-defining release - until now, maybe.

‘Eskndarany’ was initially released as a track in June, too, and it's taken a whole three months for a video to round out the release. As has become a visual signature of L5VAV’s videos, this too is marked by dramatic lighting - not something one often thinks about amidst the usual hubbub of a rap video, but a factor nonetheless in scenes of the rapper doing his thing in what seems to be a metal or wood workshop of some kind. They’re interspersed with considerably less industrial surroundings with shots of him walking around and loitering in parts of Alexandria, as he reflects on his hometown, wavering between your typical rap boastfulness and slightly more deeper contemplations.It isn’t a groundbreaking piece of audiovisual mastery, but offers a reminder that among Alexandria’s robust rap scene, there’s a man called L5VAV and he has something to say.