Dubai-based singer and songwriter Abri has established a certain funk, auditory persona, opting for slappy basses and syncopated drum programming as he serenades his listeners with euphonious vocals. He’s also widely known for his live performances, boasting a memorable vocal show and an undeniable bounce that gets the entire audience on their feet. After some time in hiatus, the singer recently made his comeback ‘Onto Other Things’ which was followed by his latest single ‘Higher (Breathe Easy).

Abri finely represents a euphoric intonation, shifting his vocals throughout the indisputable grooves of the single. ‘Higher (Breathe Easy) hints with introspective writing, which anchored its wide-ranging soul in something personal and idiosyncratic. The instrumental utilizes a spaced-out 4-on-the-floor kick pattern with minimal melodics, keeping the focus on the bass and percussions. The second half of the single introduces a dulcet guitar riff along with the French horn stabs to offer a fresh breeze of air as he keeps the listener in perpetual motion as the track comes to an end.