Almost a year after the release of her latest EP ‘Five Seasons’, Egyptian indie icon Dina El Wedidi diverges towards electronic music with her latest single ‘Bandahlak’, giving us an early listen at what her upcoming album ‘Benna’ will sound like.

The singer-songwriter took command of the track's music production, blending Bedouin rhythms and melodies with electronic elements. The song unfolds with her captivating vocals initially devoid of music, paving the way for the fast-paced kick drums and accompanying electronic sound bits. As Dina's voice layers the track, we are guided through instrumental bridges that fill the sonic space, interrupted by Dina's gradual resurgence, ascending with the music to a climax.

The incorporation of mizmar passages complements Dina's lyrics, creating a dialogue between her and the music. The initiative drums loop again, forming a never-ending cycle. Dina showcases an evolution of her sound while steadfastly preserving her authentic musical identity through her distinct vocal style and rhythmic pronunciation.

In a video directed by Menna El Diaby, Dina El Wedidi appears in diverse locations, from beaches to monuments. The camera smoothly moves around Dina, effectively capturing the essence of the sonic soundscape. Dina takes on various roles in the video, from producing and playing keys to recording, dancing, and walking, offering a glimpse into different facets of her presence.