British-Lebanese singer, Laughta, has been bringing a fresh hiphop sound that bridges the Middle East with the UK with the recent release of her new single, ‘A’int The Same’. Crafted alongside Grammy-nominated producer GG, ‘A’int The Same’ lies at the sonic crossroads of Laughta’s diverse cultures.

“For the longest time, I've kept my music and my culture kinda in their own lanes, you know, being a Lebanese woman, rapping and producing music,” Laughta tells SceneNoise. “It's not just about creating cool tunes, it's about strengthening my connection to my origins, my heritage, and embracing who I truly am.”

Striking a global deal with MDLBeast Records will set the stage for her upcoming 2024 EP which highlights Laughta's ability to blend varied musical styles into a cohesive fusion. Serving as the first 'Artist in Residence' at the Music Hub in Riyadh, she collaborated with local and international artists and her musical partnerships include working with Sudanese artist Agineri, viral sensation Mo Al Sahli, bilingual artist Poe Leos from Mexico, emerging talent Kali B, and Riyadh-based rapper Beast.

Laughta's talent for identifying emerging artists have earned her a spotlight as a presenter on BBC Radio 1’s Soundsystem and landed her own show, 'Laughta Gas Show,' on Reprezent Radio. Through these platforms, she is able to support up-and-coming artists, pledging to showcase at least 50% women and non-binary artists.

Laughta is a staunch supporter of encouraging more women to explore music production, leading her to conduct producer masterclasses in collaboration with Roland at Metropolis studio, as well as partnerships with LCCM, Family in Music, Women in CTRL, and other organizations.