Syrian DJ Boshoco has remixed producer Djudju’s single ‘Eghtas’, interpreting her indie single into a liquid drum and bass track released under Cairo-based Ka2en Records.

“I fell in love with the original track: her voice, the melody, the lyrics. It has depth while staying light and dreamy,” Boshoco tells SceneNoise. “I needed it to be felt on dancefloors, so I remixed it. Djudju was really open about the idea and gave me full creative control over the remix.”

Drawing from his upbringing in Aleppo, Boshoco’s productions blend selections of indie electronica with breakbeat techno. Meanwhile, Djudju is an Egyptian artist who was born in Alexandria, and crafts indie tracks with her evocative songwriting and soulful voice.

Even though they haven't met in person, Boshoco and Djudju’s collaboration combines Boshoco's inventive electronic beats with Djudju’s vocals. The outcome is a song that blends and delivers dreamy atmospheres and high-energy components.